Best Entreprise De Construction in Morocco

Entreprise De Construction in Morocco

ELHAMSS Building Company is entreprise de construction and public works company based in Tangier Morocco, with experience of more than 12 years in this field. Elhamss Building Company has brought a vast source of diversified experience in the construction project management industry to meet the discerning needs of our clients. We provide services which include the management of design and construction team activities, Construction design, Study civil engineering, Building a residential complex, process installations, coordination of utility and infrastructure and contingency construction.

Entreprise De Construction services and project include:
* Building Construction
* Construction Management
* Construction Design
* Construction Des Immeubles
* General Contracting
* Preconstruction
* Road Construction
* Site Development Construction
* Construction Design
* Civil Construction

ELHAMSS Building Company provides comprehensive entreprise de construction management throughout the project life cycle to provide maximum possible benefits to our customers. From pre-construction execution planning and constructability during front-end design and detailed engineering and implementation of safety and quality processes during construction and commissioning through to the development of procedures and manuals during handover, We have established ourselves as a world leader in entreprise de construction services.

Best Entreprise De Construction in Morocco

ELHAMSS Building Company provides state-of-the-art services as a entreprise de Construction Manager, and well versed in a variety of delivery systems from traditional contracts to fast-track design/build as well as national program roll-outs. ELHAMSS Building Company prides itself on incorporating value engineering into the design and trade stacking throughout the project to ensure project time is achieved. Each project is matched with appropriate resources and expertise, pre-construction know-how, through technical skill, and performance capability, enabling ELHAMSS Building Company team to anticipate project challenges and develop solutions that meet client objectives without delay.

Benefit of construction management done right:

Monetary Savings
ELHAMSS Building Company’s skilled staff will minimise the total project cost of each project through our excellent value engineering services and the development of a tailored construction management plan. In addition to cost savings through value engineering, our shift staking allows for compressed construction schedules that can work longer days for your facility.

ELHAMSS Building Company is composed of highly skilled and motivated construction management professionals educated in all disciplines of the construction process. Every person on the staff of ELHAMSS Building Company has a personal commitment to get the job done right with the highest efficiency and quality.

Time Savings
ELHAMSS Building Company will complete construction projects in less time by implementing trade stacking and relentless efforts to meet schedule. We tackle all phases of construction to ensure our clients can get the most days of operation out of each location.

Best Civil Construction Company in Morocco & Better Quality and Value Provider

The staff at ELHAMSS Building Company takes the time to understand their client’s subjective perception of value and will deliver a project tailored to that perception. Through constant communication, you will feel like we are part of your core team. We are there to assist with anything that is needed to achieve your goals.

ELHAMSS Building Company’S Construction Management & Tenant Improvement Services Include:

  • Design Coordination and Management
  • Site Investigation
  • Construction Bid Coordination
  • Construction Bid Coordination
  • Contract Review/Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Job Site Safety Review
  • Tenant Improvements Oversight
  • Permit Acquisition

Heavy Civil Construction

This sector of the heavy civil construction industry affects the entire society in a very large way. Often referred to as horizontal construction, the heavy civil sector includes roadways, bridges, tunnels, dams, airports, and railways. Basically, any work that involves infrastructure, transportation and the way we move involves the heavy civil construction market. As with the industrial sector, heavy civil projects are complex, typically high-dollar endeavors that require specialized engineering knowledge. This market is huge and growing larger every day. The need to build and rebuild our nation’s roads, airports, sewage plants and bridges is great. These projects are usually designed by civil engineers and often the construction management team also has a strong background in civil engineering. Heavy civil construction firms are typically very large operations that can offer opportunities nationally and internationally. However, the heavy civil sector of the industry is difficult to enter because of the huge capital outlay required for entry, not to mention the specialized knowledge required to be successful.

Road Construction Projects

Planning, knowledge sharing, stakeholder management and environmental mitigation are essential to deliver highway construction projects that meet the exact needs of cost and time forecasts, smooth operational transitions and minimal disruption to the public. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure a defect-free result delivered on time with minimum disruption.

Bridge Construction Projects

We have extensive experience in construction of transportation projects including construction of all types of bridges for river crossings, approaches and main spans. From remote highway and railroad bridges to densely populated, multi-level urban interchanges, time after time, we have proven our ability to safely and successfully complete all types of bridge construction projects.

We offer advanced work packaging to improve productivity, quality management, contract development and administration, procurement and material handling, HSE management, commissioning and start-up support. We do this using state-of-the-art tools for systems completions and turn over, supply construction, commissioning and start-up. These unique offerings have established work processes, procedures and guidelines that enable us to deliver consistent high performance construction execution globally across multiple markets.

ELHAMSS Building Company experience in construction spans more than around 12+ years. ELHAMSS Building Company uses advanced construction methodologies on its projects and has extensive knowledge of country requirements and culturally diverse workforces.

ELHAMSS Building Company Lucation

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